Specializing in window and door replacement, but also, Green-Lite offers another sleuth of services for your home or business.  We understand that making the decision to renovate or change something in your home is a big commitment, and sometimes it is overwhelming. We can guide you and figure out your best solution to meet your needs at the best price in the market. We pride ourselves in giving our costumers the best service available.   We cover most of Southern California, including Riverside, Temecula, San Bernadino, Orange County, North San Diego County, and other areas around the Inland Empire.

Window & Door Installation

Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, we have an amazing catalog of windows and doors, ready to be selected and installed in your home. Call us, set up an appointment, and we will be happy to assist you.

Entry Doors

For Security or aesthetics, choosing the right entry door could be a daunting task. Here at Green-Lite we provide you with a large variety of brand names and designs that could be perfect for your home. Let us know your needs and we will meet your expectations gladly. We work with a variety of companies to provide the best quality Doors and Entry Doors.

HVAC / Air & Heating

With the cost of electricity rising and the value of our currency decreasing, we need to find ways to save money all around the house. We can help you assess your heating and cooling needs around your home and install the proper equipment. We also are experts in the installation of HVAC systems, we can work with you to determine the best location for your vents, the best product and brand for you and at a low price.


Energy efficiency is not only a trend but a necessity. We work with blown insulation, and are a preferred contractor by Owens Corning. If you want to reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home, windows and doors might just be your first option, but have you considered also your roof, sometimes, especially in older homes, insulation in the attic and garage areas was not a priority, which unknowingly increased the electric, heating and cooling costs. Insulating your home properly will definitely increase the savings.

Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens are a perfect solution for letting the outdoors come into your home, without the risk of critters actually coming in. Imagine a warm summer night, with the windows fully open to let that breeze in, but without a retractable screen you can’t, or mosquitoes will eat you for dinner. Retractable Screen Doors have developed many solutions for all types of doors and window openings, allowing you a clear view to those beautiful exteriors.

Whole House Fans

House fans are perfect to ventilate all those areas around your home that might not have access to windows, or get stuffy. These fans will help circulate the air, keeping your house cool, or warm depending on the weather. This systems are perfect for those not wanting to spend on an A/C unit. Let us know what your questions are, we will be happy to help.


Hardware is such a personal decision, it is one of the final touches of your home. Just like crossing a “T” or dotting an “i”, the style of the house and the taste of the client will determine this feature. We carry a large selection of the best brands and designs available in the market. We can help you find the one that fits “Just Perfect” in your home. Here at Green-Lite Windows & Doors, our selection ranges from hinges, doorknobs, door locks, security locks, combination door locks, door stoppers, to an infinite variety of designs, colors and materials that will make your new doors look the part.

Other Services Offered

Glass Repair

We repair glasses from windows that have been broken or damaged call us to give you a quote.

Glass Railing

We install glass railing. Railings just like windows and doors are built or installed based on the architectural features of the home or business. Let us help you find this architectural solutions for your home.

Shower Enclosure (Includes Frame-less)

One way some clients improve the value of their home is by remodeling the bathrooms. The trend is enclosing your showers with either glass that has been sanded or clear, frame-less or framed. but always in a sleek and clean design way. We can help you with the installation or you can come down to our office and choose from our different options.

Finish Carpentry, Crown molding, Baseboard

Finish Carpentry is always a hassle for a lot of homeowners looking on renovating or improving their home.  Some have had previous bad experiences with other contractors or have been left in the hole by less than professional people. Here at Green-Lite, pride ourselves in giving you not only the best service, but we work hard at always bringing you  professional assistance.  We help you with the crown molding, base boarding and finish carpentry for your home or business. Call us for a quote!

Solar Installs

Are you looking to invest in other forms of alternative energy? Are you one of those people who cares about our earth and feels a change is needed?  Are you trying to lower the cost of your energy needs? Are you in need of Solar panels for your home or business? We can help you choose the best option, the one that meets your needs and we can also help you with the installation

Solar Panel Cleaning

If your solar panels are in need of clean up, call us! We can help you!

Blown Insulation

Insulating your home or business will lower your heating and cooling bills, guaranteed. Here at Green-Lite, work with blown insulation.  This is just another way you can help your home be more energy efficient. Take the time to consider doing this and ask us, we can help you!

Architectural Glass Design & Install

Architectural Glass is one of those “Cherry on top” kind of details, that give a home or business that special personal touch. We work with one of the most successful companies here in California, and we can help you custom design it or you can always look at the amazing samples from their catalog and choose. Either way it will be beautiful.  Because sometimes you just want to add a little design to a window, or have an entryway that would look wonderful if it just had some special detail. Consider calling us with your needs!