emtek-products-inc-logo…”Emtek® was founded in 1981, in City of Industry, CA as a manufacturer of specialty hardware products selling to door manufacturing companies. Beginning in the mid 1980’s the company began making a limited range of solid brass door levers for specialty hardware dealers in the Los Angeles area. Gradually since that time we have worked to broaden the product line and the customer base. Emtek® emergence as a North American supplier of decorative hardware has been slowed by our exacting quality standards. Insisting on good workmanship has limited the pace of product development, but it has resulted in a well earned reputation for reliability and integrity of design.”

This company is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware back into homes. They strive to provide a broad and interesting range of products, that can be used as décor elements by the consumers, not just as a way to latch or close a door.

We use Emtek as the hardware of our window and door installation services and products.

For more information on Emtek hardware, please visit their website: http://www.emtek.com/